June 13, 2016

Coffee Soups and Deserts That Will Certainly Blow Your Mind

Could be sugar, could be salt, or caramel, or chocolate. Perhaps a scintillating cream? No? Then it might be coffee! That’s right, coffee! Get it inside of you more constantly than ever before by employing it as an ingredient in your desserts!

You can make your tiramisu with it, since it will grant that exotic dessert an even more exotic tinge.


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Or, try making espresso ice cream! Only do this if you like espresso, though. Otherwise, just keep your coffee out of it.

Forget the same old coffee cake tonight. You can spice up your dinner parties and impress your guests with delicious desserts made with real coffee.

You can find these sweet treats at your local bakery, or if you’re brave enough, make them yourself. Here are a few dinner dessert ideas to get you started.

Cappuccino Ice Cream

If you love your iced or frozen coffee drinks, you will definitely enjoy smooth and creamy cappuccino ice cream. When made right, this frozen dessert has a hint of espresso beans that doesn’t overwhelm you.

The next best thing about cappuccino ice cream is its outstanding versatility. It works well as a main dish or when it’s added to pies and cakes.

Cappuccino Ice Cream

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As with the ice cream, the finely ground coffee beans blends in effortlessly with the other ingredients.

Popular magazine giant Woman’s Day features several cappuccino ice cream cake and pie recipes that use heavy cream and whole milk as binding ingredients.

You can substitute them with low free milk if you wish. The texture and flavor of the coffee mixture won’t be as rich as using the original ingredients.

However, you can still kick up the flavor by adding a touch of mocha to the recipes you use. Here are two other frozen coffee desserts to try from Woman’s Day:

  • Mochaccino Dream Cake with chocolate pudding
  • Java Jolt Ice Cream Pie with ground espresso, chocolate and vanilla flavorings
  • Cappuccino desserts aren’t the only coffee specialties you might enjoy. Check out this next delectable frozen treat for coffee lovers.


Tiramisu. The name sounds exotic—and its flavor is out of this world. If you haven’t tried tiramisu yet, you’re missing one of the best coffee-based desserts around.

Made with freshly brewed coffee, coffee liqueur and sweet cream, this dessert’s a hit with anyone who loves their java. Tiramisu is a very versatile, but difficult treat to make.


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Recipes can use whipped cream as an ingredient or substitute it with coffee-flavored ice cream. Because it takes time to perfect, you probably should buy one from your local bakery or coffee shop.

The flavor of coffee can overpower other ingredients when you add too much. Be sure to use the exact amount needed for the recipes you use.

If you’re unsure about making your own cakes, pies and frozen desserts, see your bakery and let the professionals whip them up for you.

What About With Soups?

Oh, you better believe it. If we can put coffee on your steak, and in your desserts, than you can bet your bottom dollar that we can put it in your soup.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll smell it the whole time that you are stirring and cooking the soup!

Coffee in soups, particularly if they are ground espresso beans, have a subtle hint of coffee that is only noticed when you are eating the soup itself. Good thing your house won’t smell like coffee!


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In most slow-cooked recipes, the coffee tends to be subtle and unnoticeable. You generally taste a hint of the coffee as you eat your meals.

Some recipes like smoky black bean soup do have a stronger taste or scent of coffee during and after preparation.

The coffee beans used for these recipes tend to be darker and richer in color and flavor. Cooking with coffee can be fun and easy when you have the right ideas and recipes.

You can also cut corners by saving your old coffee from the coffee maker and use it for your next dishes.

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